Tin Dears Live at Crawdads

Tin Dears Live at Crawdads

Live music at Crawdads

Tony Ebster

Tony Ebster’s musical career began thirty years ago when his mother bought him a $45 guitar…and the rest was history. He learned initially by playing along with his Metallica and Def Leppard cassette tapes, and later honed his skills by playing with his high school friends’ band. It was this band that encouraged him to learn bass guitar and piqued his love of playing live.

​Over the years Tony would go on to play with a number of different groups and in a number of different genres. After playing guitar and bass for many years, Tony took up drums and has been alternating between the three ever since. He has played in the San Francisco and Sacramento areas, primarily in the rock and country scenes. He played with Sacramento-based Country band Branded, and has played many exciting venues, such as Red Hawk Casino, Goldfields, California State Fair, Amador and Mariposa County Fairs.

​Tony believes in the power and joy of music, and brings a high level of energy to every show he plays and every fan he meets.

Kat Ebster

​Kat’s mother says that Kat was raised to be a singer because she would play Janis Joplin’s Pearl on repeat while Kat was in the womb.

Kat’s vocals have be compared to Janis Joplin meets Susan Tedeschi with a hint of Stevie Nicks.

She has been singing for over 20 years and has played with many Northern California bands such as KatTrick and the Merry Mac

Date July 3, 2022Time 1:00 pm - 4:00 pmVenue Crawdads on the River

Website Eventbrite

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