Mullet Mechanix at Crawdads on the River

Mullet Mechanix at Crawdads on the River

Nothing like live music by the Mullet Mechanix! Come to Crawdads and feed your engine with live music

Power up your flux capacitor and ride the space-time continuum to a totally awesome throwback party! The Mullet Mechanix are all tuned up and ready to lay some rubber on a thrill ride through the decade of the 1980’s. So revvv up your otherwise idle life with a nitrous fueled catalog of the bigget smash hits. Be sure to grab your de-greaser and let your mullet fly, as we take a trip through a musical decade like no other!​​​​

Date July 22, 2022Time 9:00 pm - 11:00 pmVenue Crawdads on the River

Website Eventbrite

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